Craig, Paul and Connor are 14 years old. They had all been out for the day in town and were rushing back to get the last bus home. They decided to take a short cut behind some shops because they were so late.

Whilst walking down the alleyway a group of 8 or 9 older boys approached them.  They recognised 1 of the boys as he had been excluded from their school a few years ago.  This boy approached Craig, Paul and Connor first, pulled out a knife and told them to give up their phones and money.  Craig tried to make a run for it but the other boys grabbed him and went through his pockets, taking

By talking to someone at school they were able to help me tell my family and the police what happened to me. After I talked to people about it, I felt less worried about it happening again

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his phone and wallet.  Paul and Connor then gave the boy their phones and loose change in their pockets.  The boy held the knife to Craig’s throat and said if he, Paul or Connor told anyone about this, he would find all of them.

After the incident Craig, Paul and Connor were shaken up, and eventually started to talk about what they should do.  Craig didn’t want to tell anyone because of what the boy said.  Connor was adamant they should tell the police, as they recognised the boy and they could arrest him.  Paul wasn’t sure what to do.

Eventually Connor and Paul agreed to tell their parents, knowing that their parents would tell the police about what happened (thinking that if the boy ever saw them, they could say they didn’t tell the police but their parents did).  Craig was still worried about telling anyone, so Paul suggested that he spoke to Mr Taylor, his tutor at school who Connor got on well with.  Connor said he thought this was a better idea, and agreed to talk to Mr Taylor.

Over the next few days, after the police were contacted, the police made contact with the boys and the school.  Mr Taylor was able to tell the police who the boy was, and the boy was soon arrested and eventually received a prison sentence. 

Connor, Craig and Paul were referred to Victim Support by the police.  Connor and Craig chose not to take up the support, as Connor was talking to his parents and Craig was able to talk to Mr Taylor.  Although Paul’s parents talked to him about what happened, he was still really worried about the boy who mugged them.  Paul then accessed help from Victim Support, where he met with a support worker who talked to Paul about his worries and how best to cope and recover from the incident.